Sarah Jansen

“It feels like my whole life has led to this”. And, to look at Sarah’s past one would have to agree. In her mid-teens she lived and worked on a self sustaining herd farm in New York , tending to the gardens and cooking from scratch. After leaving the Farm she spent the next 30 years in Design and restoration of Antique homes . In 1979 she purchased the property that is now home to “The Upstairs Kitchen”. Through the years she has dedicated her time to local soup kitchens, working to create healthy meals for the less fortunate. While attending the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and culinary Arts in Manhattan, Sarah advanced her cooking styles and further dedicated herself to healthy eating by embracing organic, local, fresh and seasonal ingredients in her kitchen. On weekends Sarah would return home to continue remodeling her new space. Just a few steps from “The Upstairs Kitchen” Sarah has interned with Jonathon Rapp at the River Tavern in Chester. She has worked as a prep chef with the very popular Farm Dinners presented by Jonathon and the River Tavern.

The Upstairs Kitchen will be promoting the joy of healthy gourmet cooking for the whole family. Our classes will introduce every aspect of the healthy kitchen experience, from food prep to Inspiring presentation.