Debra Queen

Debra Queen is a Certified Executive Chef with the American Culinary Federation since 1994 and a member of the American Personal & Private Chef’s Association.  She does freelance catering and runs a small business called Chef Queen’s Cuisine; a sole proprietor and creator of beautiful foods using scratch style cooking methods with a healthy edge, using hand selected organic, unprocessed foods in interesting and unique presentations while cooking for clients with very discriminating palates and definitive nutritional needs.

She is accomplished in multicultural cuisines and currently teaches, performs live cooking demos and appears regularly on WTNH Television’s CT Style program.  By Googling “Chef Debra Queen” you can view those WTNH cooking spots on YouTube; they are short and sweet but a fun way to share her skills.

Her first 10 years were spent gaining a knowledge of front of the house skills and she worked many parties as a Captain, Waiter and a Certified Mixologist.

Her passion for food developed while growing up on the coast of Maine, where she attended Washington County Community College in 1980.  She subsequently worked in corporate dining while moonlighting for upscale caterers in Fairfield County since 1988, working in southern Fairfield County primarily.  She decided to start her own business after working as an Executive Chef in many world headquarter accounts throughout the NY/CT region.  One highlight of her corporate career was being selected as part of the seven member team that went to the 100th World Olympics in Atlanta, GA to fulfill the challenges of a 5 star menu obligation.

Currently she is writing recipes for a cook book project that she has wanted to do for a long time and enjoy her life as an organic gardener; growing most of her own herbs, flowers and vegetables; her nutritional training and love for cooking are enhanced by her desire to grow!

It is with pleasure that she attacks every dish, every event and every food item!