Food and juice cleanse class: Uncooking

Food and juice cleanse class: Uncooking

Food and juice cleanse class, Chester, CT Give yourself a glow this Spring and Summer with cleansing foods that will keep you feeling clear, light, and radiant throughout the warmer months. This class is about simply nourishing our bodies for feeling our absolute best!

Join Lisa Sobolewski, owner of JUSTFOOD organic juice and chocolate bar to learn the essentials of making restorative juices and cleansing meals. Lisa will emphasize blended textures and low-fat recipes. Along with juice tastings, this class will explore delightful summer soups, dressings, and easy-to-make raw entrees.

With a May registration, attendees of this class are eligible to save 10% on JUSTFOOD’s JUSTjuice cleanse, Connecticut’s finest three-, five-, or six-day cold-pressed green juice cleanse.

A little bit about this food and juice cleanse class at The Upstairs Kitchen

juice-cleanse-class-upstairs-kitchenThe Upstairs Kitchen in Chester, CT offers cooking classes for people with a passion for food and good health. We welcome folks looking to sharpen their cooking skills in a warm, inviting atmosphere.

The Upstairs Kitchen works with experienced chefs passionate in their love of food and its preparation. With health and taste a priority, our intimate atmosphere helps those of all skill levels enjoy their time while learning the basics of healthy, flavorful cooking.

Date: May 29, 2013
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Chef: Lisa Sobolewski
Cost: $85
Size: 10 people
Place: The Upstairs Kitchen