Spring cooking class: Salad Abundance

Spring cooking class: Salad Abundance

A spring cooking class about salads?

Spring cooking class in Chester, CT That’s right. While at first it may seem strange to discuss cooking and salads in the same breath, Chef Anne Gallager will show us that fresh-to-table ingredients combined with skilled preparations make for flavorful and healthy meals. What could be better in Spring than that?

Chef Anne will use ingredients fresh from the farm. Salads will be our focus as we look forward to the approaching Summer and our desire for lighter fare.

Taking the ingredients available to us we will create a variety of salads that can serve as side dishes or the main entree:

  • Quinoa tabbouli
  • A not-so-traditional bean salad
  • A delicious field green salad highlighting fennel
  • Son peas — an early summer favorite.

    Liven up your warm weather cooking repertoire by joining us May 22nd for this delicious and healthy spring cooking class.

    A little bit about a Spring cooking class at The Upstairs Kitchen

    spring-cooking-class-upstairs-kitchenThe Upstairs Kitchen in Chester, CT offers cooking classes for people with a passion for food and good health. We welcome folks looking to sharpen their cooking skills in a warm, inviting atmosphere.

    The Upstairs Kitchen works with experienced chefs passionate in their love of food and its preparation. With health and taste a priority, our intimate atmosphere helps those of all skill levels enjoy their time while learning the basics of healthy, flavorful cooking.

    Date: May 22, 2013
    Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
    Chef: Anne Gallager
    Cost: $85
    Size: 10 people
    Place: The Upstairs Kitchen