Lisa Sobolewski

Lisa Sobolewski is the founder of JUSTFOOD organic juice and chocolate bar, a contemporary culinary business based in Chester, CT. She is a raw food and natural living expert concentrating on health and energy vibration as related to diet. After a career designing high-profile restaurants for some of the worlds most notable chefs Lisa needed to heal herself, and thus, turned to nature. Now she shares her experiences and culinary creations to inspire others how to live more healthfully and access their energetic potential.

There is more to JUSTFOOD than just food. Lisa’s work asks us to look beyond our preconceived concepts of food and to consider all forms of our nourishment and how everything that we take into ourselves affects us and our broader connection to each other and the planet.

Lisa Sobolewski has worked as a private raw vegan chef, offers annual healing retreats to Costa Rica, provides organic juice cleanses, and gives health talks and workshops across Connecticut.

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